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New & Forthcoming Titles | Global Perspectives on Health Geography

Global Perspectives on Health Geography

Global Perspectives on Health Geography

Series Ed.: Crooks, Valorie A.

ISSN: 2522-8005

Global Perspectives on Health Geography showcases cutting-edge health geography research that addresses pressing, contemporary aspects of the health-place interface. The bi-directional influence between health and place has been acknowledged for centuries, and understanding traditional and contemporary aspects of this connection is at the core of the discipline of health geography. Health geographers, for example, have: shown the complex ways in which places influence and directly impact our health; documented how and why we seek specific spaces to improve our wellbeing; and revealed how policies and practices across multiple scales affect health care delivery and receipt.


The series publishes a comprehensive portfolio of monographs and edited volumes that document the latest research in this important discipline. Proposals are accepted across a broad and ever-developing swath of topics as diverse as the discipline of health geography itself, including transnational health mobilities, experiential accounts of health and wellbeing, global-local health policies and practices, mHealth, environmental health (in)equity, theoretical approaches, and emerging spatial technologies as they relate to health and health services. Volumes in this series draw forth new methods, ways of thinking, and approaches to examining spatial and place-based aspects of health and health care across scales. They also weave together connections between health geography and other health and social science disciplines, and in doing so highlight the importance of spatial thinking.


Dr. Valorie Crooks (Simon Fraser University, crooks@sfu.ca) is the Series Editor of Global Perspectives on Health Geography. An author/editor questionnaire and book proposal form can be obtained from Publishing Editor Zachary Romano (zachary.romano@springer.com).