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New & Forthcoming Titles | Canon and World Literature

Canon and World Literature

Canon and World Literature

Series Ed.: Longxi, Zhang

ISSN: 2662-7841

World literature is indeed the most exciting new phenomenon in literary studies today. It is on the rise as the economic, political, and demographic relationships and balances are changing rapidly in a globalized world. A new concept of world literature is responding to such changes and is advocating a more inclusive and truly global conceptualization of canonical literature in the world’s different literary and cultural traditions. With a number of anthologies, monographs, companions, and handbooks already published and available, there is a real need to have a book series that convey to interested readers what the new concept of world literature is or should be. To put it clearly, world literature is not and cannot be the simple conglomeration of all the literary works written in the world, but only the very best works from the world’s different literatures, particularly literary traditions that have not been well studied beyond their native environment. That is to say, world literature still needs to establish its canon by including great works of literature not just from the major traditions of Western Europe, but also literary traditions in other parts of the world as well as the “minor” or insufficiently studied literatures in Europe and North America.