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New & Forthcoming Titles | World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures

World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures

World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures

Series Editors: Chase-Dunn, C., Gills, B.K., Grinin, L., Korotayev, A.

ISSN: 2522-0985

This series seeks to promote understanding of large-scale and long-term processes of social change, in particular the many facets and implications of globalization. It critically explores the factors that affect the historical formation and current evolution of social systems, on both the regional and global level. Processes and factors that are examined include economies, technologies, geopolitics, institutions, conflicts, demographic trends, climate change, global culture, social movements, global inequalities, etc. Building on world-systems analysis, the series addresses topics such as globalization from historical and comparative perspectives, trends in global inequalities, core-periphery relations and the rise and fall of hegemonic core states, transnational institutions, and the long-term energy transition. This ambitious interdisciplinary and international series presents cutting-edge research by social scientists who study whole human systems and is relevant for all readers interested in systems approaches to the emerging world society, especially historians, political scientists, economists, sociologists, geographers and anthropologists.

This book series is indexed in Scopus.

All titles in this series are peer-reviewed.