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New & Forthcoming Titles | Key Challenges in Geography - EUROGEO Book Series

Key Challenges in Geography

Key Challenges in Geography

EUROGEO Book Series

Series Editors: Koutsopoulos, Kostis C., De Miguel, Rafael, Schmeinck, Daniela

ISSN: 2522-8420

This book series addresses relevant topics in the wide field of geography, which connects the physical, human and technological sciences to enhance teaching, research, and decision making. Geography provides answers to how aspects of these sciences are interconnected and are forming spatial patterns and processes that have impact on global, regional and local issues and thus affect present and future generations. Moreover, by dealing with places, people and cultures, Geography explores international issues ranging from physical, urban and rural environments and their evolution, to climate, pollution, development and political economy. 

Key Challenges in Geography is an initiative of the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO), an organization dealing with examining geographical issues from a European perspective, representing European Geographers working in different professional activities and at all levels of education. EUROGEO's goal and the core part of its statutory activities is to make European Geography a worldwide reference and standard. The book series serves as a platform for members of EUROGEO as well as affiliated National Geographical Associations in Europe, but is equally open to contributions from non-members. 

The book series addresses topics of contemporary relevance in the wide field of geography. It has a global scope and includes contributions from a wide range of theoretical and applied geographical disciplines. 

Key Challenges in Geography aims to: 

  • present collections of chapters on topics that reflect the significance of Geography as a discipline;
  • provide disciplinary and interdisciplinary titles related to geographical, environmental, cultural, economic, political, urban and technological research with a European dimension, but not exclusive; 
  • deliver thought-provoking contributions related to cross-disciplinary approaches and interconnected works that explore the complex interactions among geography, technology, politics, environment and human conditions; 
  • publish volumes tackling urgent topics to geographers and policy makers alike; 
  • publish comprehensive monographs, edited volumes and textbooks refereed by European and worldwide experts specialized in the subjects and themes of the books; 
  • provide a forum for geographers worldwide to communicate on all aspects of research and applications of geography, with a European dimension, but not exclusive. 

All books/chapters will undergo a blind review process with a minimum of two reviewers.

An author/editor questionnaire, instructions for authors and a book proposal form can be obtained by contacting the Publisher. 

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