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New & Forthcoming Titles | International Study of City Youth Education

International Study of City Youth Education

International Study of City Youth Education

Series Ed.: Lamb, Stephen

ISSN: 2524-8537

This series is based on the International Study of City Youth (ISCY), a new and innovative international study that considers how well education systems are working, for whom, and why.

ISCY is a longitudinal study of 10th Grade students in 15 cities: Barcelona, Bergen, Bordeaux, Ghent, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Montreal, Reykjavik, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Tijuana, Santiago, Turku and Wroclaw.

The ISCY project compares how well different education systems prepare young people for life beyond school. It aims to measure the impacts of the distinctive institutional arrangements of each system, including programs and courses, curriculum and assessment practices, types and locations of schools, and the structure of education and training opportunities beyond school. ISCY provides unprecedented insight on how educational paths and achievement impact young people’s education and career trajectories, civic engagement, and overall well-being. It offers a unique opportunity to measure the relationship between student academic performance, attitudes and aspirations, and future outcomes.

The series features volumes on various topics written by researchers based across the ISCY network. Current volumes to be released in the series involve work on educational opportunity and inequality, social and cultural contexts, skills for the 21st Century, school effects and student engagement.

The series:

Compares diverse international systems using common measures

Focuses on systemic and contextual factors and their contribution to student outcomes

Provides strong theoretical foundations in studies of educational inequality

Develops measures of 21st Century skills and consider their relationship to schools and system context

Analyses longitudinal information about student pathways and post-school destinations

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