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Published under the auspices of EPNOE*, Springerbriefs in Biobased polymers covers all aspects of polysaccharide sciences, starting from their production and isolation from native sources (i.e. biosynthesis, genetics, agronomy, plant cell biology, biorefinery), over their characterization and processing (chemical / enzymatic modification, shaping, biodegradation) to the many applications in which they are used (food & feed, materials & engineering, biomedical).

The focus of this book series lies on publications related to all kinds of native or synthetic polysaccharides, polysaccharide-derived polymers, and composites containing polysaccharides as a fundamental component. Moreover, topics related to natural fibres, wood, polysaccharide containing biomass and bioplastics, life cycle assessments are within the scope.

Under the editorship of Nicolas Le Moigne, Li Shen, Martin Gericke, Stefan Spirk, and Rupert Kargl, the series will include contributions from many of the world’s most authoritative polysaccharide scientists, both from academia as well as industry. Readers will gain an understanding on the different strategies developed to obtain these biopolymers and what they can be used for. They will also be able to widen their knowledge and find new opportunities due to the multidisciplinary contributions (plant biology, biotechnologies, bio-based chemistry, wood science and polymers & materials science)

This series is aimed at advanced undergraduates, academic and industrial researchers, and professionals studying or using bio-based polymers. Each brief will bear a general introduction enabling any reader to understand its topic.

*EPNOE The European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (www.epnoe.eu) is a research and education network connecting academic, research institutions and companies focusing on polysaccharides and polysaccharide-related research and business

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