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Biobased Polymers

Biobased Polymers

Series: SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science

Series Ed.: Le Moigne, Nicolas

ISSN: 2510-3407

Published under the auspices of EPNOE*, Springerbriefs in Biobased polymers covers all aspects of biobased polymer science, from the basis of this field starting from the living species in which they are synthetized (such as genetics, agronomy, plant biology) to the many applications they are used in (such as food, feed, engineering, construction, health, ..) through to isolation and characterization, biosynthesis, biodegradation, chemical modifications, physical, chemical, mechanical and structural characterizations or biomimetic applications. All biobased polymers in all application sectors are welcome, either those produced in living species (like polysaccharides, proteins, lignin, ..) or those that are rebuilt by chemists as in the case of many bioplastics.

Under the editorship of Patrick Navard and a panel of experts, the series will include contributions from many of the world’s most authoritative biobased polymer scientists and professionals. Readers will gain an understanding of how given biobased polymers are made and what they can be used for. They will also be able to widen their knowledge and find new opportunities due to the multidisciplinary contributions.

This series is aimed at advanced undergraduates, academic and industrial researchers and professionals studying or using biobased polymers. Each brief will bear a general introduction enabling any reader to understand its topic.

*EPNOE The European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (www.epnoe.eu) is a research and education network connecting academic, research institutions and companies focusing on polysaccharides and polysaccharide-related research and business

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