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SpringerBriefs in Structural Mechanics

SpringerBriefs in Structural Mechanics

Series: SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Series Ed.: Gdoutos, Emmanuel

ISSN: 2520-8020

This Briefsseries in the area of structural mechanics or mechanics of structures focuses on new developments, raises questions and revisits old problems from a new perspective. It covers determination of deformations, deflections and stresses in structures under applied static, dynamic, cyclic, vibration loads or temperature changes in order to ensure reliable and economical performance of the structure.          

Structures include beams, frames, plates and shells. It also considers the analysis of structures as three-dimensional systems that are not broken up into separate structural elements. Stability and vibration conditions are included. Nonlinearities resulting from large deformations of nonlinear material behavior are considered. Fracture mechanics analysis based on the assumption of a pre-existing dominant crack plays a vital role in the analysis of the integrity of a structure. Experimental methods aiming at determining deformations and deflections play a key role for the safe design of structures. All these topics can be explored in this series.

Book proposals can be directed to the Executive Editor Applied Sciences Dr. Mayra Castro, mayra.castro@springer.com or Professor Emmanuel E. Gdoutos, egdoutos@civil.duth.gr

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