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New & Forthcoming Titles | Europe in a Global Context

Europe in a Global Context

Europe in a Global Context

Series Ed.: Krossa, Anne Sophie

A product of Palgrave Macmillan UK

How can 'Europe' be conceptualized under conditions of globalization? Going considerably beyond the more mainstream perspective of the 'European Union', this book series opens up a space for a variety of debates in relation to this question. These are consistently based on the agreement that it limits the analysis of Europe if we 'exotize' it by restricting it to itself. Consequently, Europe and its manifold aspects are contextualized and systematically linked to reference points in the global world or to the concept of globalization. This also means that 'globalization' loses much of the vagueness that it is often accompanied by, as it is repeatedlyconceptualized and applied in relation to Europe. The series has a strong sociological and theoretical focus,but is open to interdisciplinary connections and various methodological approaches.