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New & Forthcoming Titles | Microorganisms for Sustainability

Microorganisms for Sustainability

Microorganisms for Sustainability

Series Ed.: Arora, Naveen Kumar

ISSN: 2512-1901

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Microorganisms are performing diverse and huge number of tasks on our planet, most of which are making earth a habitable and sustainable ecosystem.  Many of these acts of the microorganisms are being or can be utilized as low input biotechnology to solve various problems related to environment, particularly caused due to anthropogenic activities. Microbial technologies can be used for chemical free agriculture, replacing harmful pesticides as well as fertilizers for crop protection and enhancing the yields. Similarly, microbes can be used to provide green alternatives to the fossil fuels thus combating the problems related to pollution and global warming. Microorganisms can be the magic bullets for reclamation of wastelands/ stress affected regions, bioremediation of contaminated habitats and biodegradation purposes. The series proposed will cover all these wider aspects and explain how microbes can be used for sustaining our planet in a greener way. Each volume of the series will have a different Editor with his/ her own area of expertise.


The book series will focus on the role of microbes in sustaining the ecosystems. Naturally, microorganisms play so many important roles in sustaining plant and animal life on earth. Global issues such as remediation of polluted sites, degradation of pollutants, biofertilizers and biopesticides to replace chemicals in agriculture, reclamation of barren soils, combating climate change, green fuels are the major contemporary issues and focus of researchers.