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New & Forthcoming Titles | Nigerian Yearbook of International Law

Nigerian Yearbook of International Law

Nigerian Yearbook of International Law

Editor-in-chief: Eboe-Osuji, Chile
Emeseh, Engobo (Ed.)

ISSN: 2523-8868

The NYBIL has as its main aim analysis of, commentaries on, and reporting of developments in international law that are mostly of relevance within the context of Nigeria in particular, Africa, the black diaspora of the world, and the developing world more generally. But, it is stressed that the publication is not exclusive in that regard: contributions from the perspective of the wider world are also strongly encouraged and welcomed.

Analysis of international law within the context of developing countries in general, the black diaspora, Africa and Nigeria in particular is an area of increasing scholarly and professional interest. This interest will only continue to grow in light of current and emerging global issues such as trade and investment, human rights, armed conflict, humanitarian intervention, transitional justice, international and transnational crimes, transnational migration, environment, international terrorism. The NYBIL provides an authoritative platform for focused analysis of these developments to be readily available to students, academics, practitioners, governments, and international bodies.