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New & Forthcoming Titles | Rare Rheumatic Diseases

Rare Rheumatic Diseases

Rare Rheumatic Diseases

Series Ed.: Tarrant, Teresa Kathleen

ISSN: 2524-7794

Although most rheumatic diseases are rare, some diseases are so infrequent that the physician must rely on collective experiences, empiric therapy, and difficult to find research scattered in case studies and large volumes to diagnose and treat his or her patient.  Rare Rheumatic Diseases is the first series to aggregate this information into concise, yet comprehensive, practical reference guides for the rheumatologist presented with these uncommon conditions.

Each volume addresses a different category of rare rheumatic diseases (e.g. immunologic disorders, disorders of bone and cartilage) and follows the same internal structure: historical perspective and epidemiology; literature review (including research trials, translational research, historical and current case reports, and case series); pathogenesis; clinical presentation; laboratory evaluation; imaging; histopathology; treatment; and outcomes. Each chapter ends with a bulleted summary that highlights the key takeaways for clinicians. Color images clarify the diagnostic techniques described.

Designed to be used in practice, these user-friendly handbooks are an invaluable resource for rheumatologists, rheumatology fellows, and clinical immunologists to better diagnose and treat patients with rare rheumatic diseases.