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New & Forthcoming Titles | Series in Contemporary Mathematics

Series in Contemporary Mathematics

Series in Contemporary Mathematics

Editor-in-chief: Li, Tatsien
Series Editors: CIARLET, P., Coron, J.-M., E, W., Li, J., Li, J., Li, T., Lin, F., Ma, Z., Majda, A., Villani, C., Yuan, Y.-X., Zhang, W.

ISSN: 2364-009X

Series in Contemporary Mathematics (SCM), featuring high-quality mathematical monographs, is to presents original and systematic findings from the fields of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and math-related interdisciplinary subjects. It has a history of over fifty years since the first title was published by Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers in 1963. Professor HUA Luogeng (Lo-Keng Hua) served as Editor-in-Chief of the first editorial board, while Professor SU Buqing acted as Honorary Editor-in-Chief and Professor GU Chaohao as Editor-in-Chief of the second editorial board since 1992. Now the third editorial board is established and Professor LI Tatsien assumes the position of Editor-in-Chief. The series has already published twenty-six monographs in Chinese, and among the authors are many distinguished Chinese mathematicians, including the following members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: SU Buqing, GU Chaohao, LU Qikeng, ZHANG Gongqing, CHEN Hanfu, CHEN Xiru, YUAN Yaxiang, CHEN Shuxing etc. The monographs have systematically introduced a number of important research findings which not only play a vital role in China, but also exert huge influence all over the world. Eight of them have been translated into English and published abroad. The new editorial board will inherit and carry forward the former traditions and strengths of the series, and plan to further reform and innovation in terms of internalization so as to improve and ensure the quality of the series, extend its global influence, and strive to forge it into an internationally significant series of mathematical monographs.

Tatsien Li

Series Editors
Philippe G. Ciarlet, Jean-Michel Coron, Weinan E,
Jianshu Li, Jun Li, Tatsien Li, Fanghua Lin,
Zhi-ming Ma, Andrew J. Majda, C├ędric Villani,
Ya-xiang Yuan, Weiping Zhang