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New & Forthcoming Titles | Practical Case Studies in Hypertension Management

Practical Case Studies in Hypertension Management

Practical Case Studies in Hypertension Management

Series Ed.: Tocci, Giuliano

ISSN: 2364-6632

The aim of the book series “Practical Case Studies in Hypertension Management” is to provide physicians who treat hypertensive patients having different cardiovascular risk profiles with an easy-to-access tool that will enhance their clinical practice, improve average blood pressure control, and reduce the incidence of major hypertension-related complications. To achieve these ambitious goals, each volume presents and discusses a set of paradigmatic clinical cases relating to different scenarios in hypertension. These cases will serve as a basis for analyzing best practice and highlight problems in implementing the recommendations contained in international guidelines regarding diagnosis and treatment.
While the available guidelines have contributed significantly in improving the diagnostic process, cardiovascular risk stratification, and therapeutic management in patients with essential hypertension, they are of limited help to physicians in daily clinical practice when approaching individual patients with hypertension, and this is particularly true when choosing among different drug classes and molecules. By discussing exemplary clinical cases that may better represent clinical practice in a “real world” setting, this series will assist physicians in selecting the best diagnostic and therapeutic options.