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Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research

Studies in Arts-Based Educational Research

ISSN: 2364-8376

The volumes in this series inform the readers of the expansive research being conducted using a variety of forms of Arts Based Educational Research, drawing from all disciplines and all forms and practices – the literary, visual, and performing arts.
The series includes Arts Based Educational Research that takes place in academic and non-academic settings, as well as be based in practices that are individual and collaborative, private and public. The epistemological, ontological and axiological explorations of the methodologies as well as issues of the representation and dissemination of Arts Based Educational Research will be engaged with and explored. The hinge connecting the arts and research in this Arts Based Educational Research book series is education, being understood in its broadest sense, as learning / transformation / change that takes place in diverse formal and informal settings, as having an impact on and with humans in such a way as to limit and/or assist their conscious awareness and produce new understandings for them to act with and upon the world.

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