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Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates

Series: SpringerBriefs on Pioneers in Science and Practice

Series Ed.: Brauch, Hans Günter

This series presents eminent conceptual thinkers, scholars, policymakers and diplomats who—as pioneers in a specific field of research or a specific area of policy and debate—have had an innovative, long-lasting regional or global impact on issues crucial for humankind in the twenty-first century, and who have been awarded a Nobel Prize for their scientific achievement or a Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution to world peace.
The subseries of SpringerBriefs on Pioneers in Science and Practice on Nobel Laureates (PSP-NL) will present the work of distinguished scholars in the natural or social sciences and in the humanities—from many disciplines and from all parts of the world—who have inspired scientific and policy debates and who with their conceptual and scholarly work have introduced new areas or topics of scientific analysis, research and teaching. This series on Pioneers in Science and Practice will also include influential and successful policymakers who have had a major impact on multilateral diplomacy and decision-making, primarily in the four key areas of the environment, security, development and peace. The goal of this series on pioneers is to publish selected major texts by a pioneer in a particular field of scientific analysis and political practice together with a biography and a bibliography—or for practitioners a survey of major policy decisions they have influenced. The reader who is interested in the impact of new ideas on scientific development in different disciplines and of innovative policy decisions on international policies can thus easily access the overall work of the pioneer presented. Each pioneer in this PSP series will be introduced by a colleague who is familiar with the pioneer’s innovative work as a scholar or practitioner and who will place his or her work in the context of one or more scientific disciplines or political issue areas. This will be accompanied by an extended professional biography linking the selected pioneering academic’s area with a personal biography and a comprehensive bibliography—or in the case of policymakers with a brief survey of key innovative policy decisions. Then, the pioneer or a colleague will introduce selected benchmark papers, put them into the context of the author’s own work, and reflect on the impact they have had on the continuing policy debate.

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