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New & Forthcoming Titles | Lecture Notes in Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis

Lecture Notes in Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis

Lecture Notes in Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis

Series: Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis

Series Editors: Benedetto, John J., Czaja, Wojciech, Okoudjou, Kasso

ISSN: 2512-6482

Lecture Notes in Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis (LN-ANHA) is a subseries of the ANHA book series. It publishes compact volumes ranging from abstract harmonic analysis to engineering and scientific subjects having significant applicable harmonic analysis components. The interface between mathematics, science, and engineering is the overriding theme.

The LN-ANHA subseries reflects the intricate and fundamental relationship between harmonic analysis and general disciplines such as signal and image processing, partial differential equations, machine learning, and data science. It provides a means of disseminating brief-yet-rigorous works on these subjects for the scientific, engineering, and mathematical communities in a timely fashion.  The following topics are covered:

* Analytic Number Theory * Antenna Theory * Artificial Intelligence * Biomedical Signal Processing * Classical Fourier Analysis * Coding Theory * Communications Theory * Compressed Sensing * Crystallography and Quasi-Crystals * Data Mining * Data Science * Deep Learning * Digital Signal Processing * Dimension Reduction and Classification * Fast Algorithms * Frame Theory and Applications * Gabor Theory and Applications * Geophysics * Image Processing * Machine Learning * Manifold Learning * Numerical Partial Differential Equations * Neural Networks * Phaseless Reconstruction * Prediction Theory * Quantum Information Theory * Radar Applications * Sampling Theory (Uniform and Non-uniform) and Applications * Spectral Estimation * Speech Processing * Statistical Signal Processing * Super-resolution * Time Series * Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis * Tomography * Turbulence * Uncertainty Principles  * Waveform design * Wavelet Theory and Applications.