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New & Forthcoming Titles | Science: Philosophy, History and Education

Science: Philosophy, History and Education

Science: Philosophy, History and Education

Series Ed.: Clough, Michael P.

ISSN: 2520-8594

This book series serves as a venue for the exchange of the complementary perspectives of science educators and HPS scholars. History and philosophy of science (HPS) contributes a lot to science education and there is currently an increased interest for exploring this relationship further. Science educators have started delving into the details of HPS scholarship, often in collaboration with HPS scholars. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, HPS scholars have come to realize that they have a lot to contribute to science education, predominantly in two domains: a) understanding concepts and b) understanding the nature of science. In order to teach about central science concepts such as “force”, “adaptation”, “electron” etc, the contribution of HPS scholars is fundamental in answering questions such as: a) When was the concept created or coined? What was its initial meaning and how different is it today? Accordingly, in order to teach about the nature of science the contribution of HPS scholar is crucial in clarifying the characteristics of scientific knowledge and in presenting exemplar cases from the history of science that provide an authentic image of how science has been done. The series aims to publish authoritative and comprehensive books and to establish that HPS-informed science education should be the norm and not some special case. This series complements the journal Science & Education http://www.springer.com/journal/11191 Book Proposals should be sent to the Publishing Editor: Claudia Acuna Email: Claudia.Acuna@springer.com.

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