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Essays on Federalism and Regionalism

Essays on Federalism and Regionalism

Series Ed.: Mangiameli, Stelio

ISSN: 2520-1492

The series, Essays on Federalism and Regionalism, offers an international point of reference for studies on federalism and regionalism in terms of constitutional law and of political and economic theory. The interest in federalism is the result of the events characterizing the current era where supranational / international dynamics are modifying the traditional role of states and are demanding a new distribution of public powers within the states themselves. In particular, local government and welfare are being repositioned in the light of the principle of subsidiarity, with local bodies taking on key roles (regions, member states, provinces, Länder, etc.). Also the principle of unity, which characterizes the theory of the state, is being redefined to enable the creation of autonomous political entities within the sovereignty of the state. In light of these fundamental changes, this series welcomes contributions by prestigious scholars from all over the world with the aim of facilitating the discussion of the issue across different legal approaches.