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This book series investigates several critical issues embedded in fundamental, technical, and applied research in the field of Chinese as second language (CSL) learning and teaching, including learning mechanism in the brain, technology application for teaching, learning and assessment. The book series discusses these issues from the perspectives of science (evidence-based approach) and technology. The studies in the book series use the methods from the fields of linguistics (such as corpus linguistics and computational linguistics), psychological and behavioural sciences (such as experimental design and statistical analyses), informational technology (such as information retrieval and natural language processing) and brain sciences (such as neuroimaging and neurolinguistics). The book series generally covers three main interdisciplinary themes: (1) fundamental investigation of Chinese as a first or second language acquisition, (2) development in Chinese language learning technology, and (3) applied research on Chinese language education. 


More specifically, the book series involves seven research topics: 


- language transfer mechanism in Chinese as a second language 

- factors of Chinese as a second language acquisition in childhood 

- cultural influence on Chinese acquisition 

- information technology, corpus 

- teaching material design 

- teaching strategies and teacher training 

- learning models 

- assessment methods 

All proposals will be sent out for external double-blind review. Review reports will be shared with proposers and their revisions will be further taken into consideration. The completed manuscript will be reviewed by the Series Editors and editorial advisors to ensure the quality of the book and also seek external review in order to ensure quality before formal publication.

Please contact Melody Zhang (e-mail: melodymiao.zhang@springer.com) for submitting book proposals for this series.

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  • Chin-Chuan Cheng,
  • Jia Zhang,
  • Yao-Ting Sung,
  • Ping Li

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