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Series: SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Series Editors: Tamil Selvan, S., Narayanan, K., Parasuraman, P., Ramasamy, P.

ISSN: 2197-6740

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Nanotheranostics is a burgeoning field in recent years, which makes use of “nanotechnology” for diagnostics and therapy of different diseases. The recent advancement in the area of nanotechnology has enabled a new generation of different types of nanomaterials composed of either inorganic or polymer based nanoparticles to be useful for nanotheranostics applications. Some of the salient features of the nanotechnology towards medicine are cost reduction, reliable detection and diagnosis of diseases at an early stage for optimal treatment. The advent of nanotheranostics is expected to benefit the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the next 5-10 years. Nanotechnology holds a great potential to be explored as a multifunctional platform for a wide range of biological and engineering applications such as molecular sensors for disease diagnosis, therapeutic agents for the treatment of diseases, and a vehicle for delivering therapeutics and imaging agents for theranostic applications in cells and living animals.

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