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Advances in Delays and Dynamics

Advances in Delays and Dynamics

Editor-in-chief: Niculescu, Silviu-Iulian

ISSN: 2197-117X

Delay systems are largely encountered in modeling propagation and transportation phenomena, population dynamics and representing interactions between interconnected dynamics through material, energy and communication flows. Thought as an open library on delays and dynamics, this series is devoted to publish basic and advanced textbooks, explorative research monographs as well as proceedings volumes focusing on delays from modeling to analysis, optimization, control with a particular emphasis on applications spanning biology, ecology, economy and engineering. Topics covering interactions between delays and modeling (from engineering to biology and economic sciences), control strategies (including also control structure and robustness issues), optimization and computation (including also numerical approaches and related algorithms) by creating links and bridges between fields and areas in a delay setting are particularly encouraged.

Indexed by zbMATH.

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