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SpringerBriefs in Forensic and Medical Bioinformatics

SpringerBriefs in Forensic and Medical Bioinformatics

Series: SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Series Editors: Kumar, Amit, Appa Rao, Allam

ISSN: 2196-8845

Informatics has accelerated Life Sciences at a revolutionary speed. This series on Forensic and Medical Bioinformatics is yet another interdisciplinary Research arena aimed to cover and attract the Researchers from versatile background of Medical Sciences, Forensic Science, DNA Profiling, Forensic Bioinformatics, Computer Forensics, Computational Intelligence methods in Health Informatics, Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks application on Medical and Forensic data, Telemedicine Solutions, Bioinformatics Applied Medical and Molecular Research, Clinical Informatics and Clinical Data Mining, Drug Library Creations and other related discipline. This series will act as a platform for bringing interdisciplinary research content from Computer Science, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Medical Doctors, Law enforcement professionals, Forensic Scientists, Medical Doctors and many others together. It is expected that his series will act as a common dais of contribution towards improvement of Medical and Forensic Science as a whole by taking up several issues faced in laboratories across the world. Evidences from the crime scene inculcating mixed DNA profiling data, Contamination issues, Handling and Transporting of evidences has always been a challenge to the forensic science laboratories and the crime investigation agencies. Not only it confuses the analysis but it may lead to serious fatal errors in analysis of final results which may result in convicting an innocent and quittance of a criminal free. Similarly the speed by which the number of diseases and disorders are challenging the decisions and diagnosis from the medical profession is worrisome for Mankind. Medical Informatics has been a path shower as far as decision making is concerned in the field of medical sciences. With hundreds of papers and several softwares, this domain is very popular in healthcare Organizations. This novel science of Medical Informatics is a boon to Health information management, Electronic Health records, Diagnosis, Evaluation of health information systems, Data mining in clinical Medicine, Clinical informatics Research. With the strong potential of making impact on Health care related Research and Forensic Science this series will attract authors, Researchers and Scientists to submit their Research and contribute to Forensic and Medical Informatics area.

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