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New & Forthcoming Titles | Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow

Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow

Frontiers and Progress in Multiphase Flow

Series Editors: Cheng, Lixin, Mewes, Dieter

ISSN: 2364-6470

The book series presents state-of-the-art of review, frontier of knowledge and progress in the field of multiphase flow. It includes chapters written by well-known scientists and researchers in their respective research interests. The topics include various relevant aspects such as phase change processes, gas-liquid flow, liquid-solid flow, gas-solid flow, liquid-liquid flow, gas-liquid-solid multiphase flows and heat transfer in all disciplines. Frontiers and progress in various aspects of multiphase flow fundamentals and applications such as multiphase flow and heat transfer, multiphase equipment, combustion, pollution control, phase change material, macro-scale and micro-scale, electric chips cooling, micro-gravity multiphase flow and heat transfer in energy engineering, renewable energy, fuel cell, environmental, material, chemical, biological and life engineering and science and nano-technology etc. Therefore, the book series is of interest to readers in a wide range of engineering and science areas.

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