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Current Research in Systematic Musicology

Current Research in Systematic Musicology

Series Editors: Bader, Rolf, Leman, Marc, Godoy, Rolf-Inge

ISSN: 2196-6966

The series covers recent research, hot topics, and trends in Systematic Musicology. Following the highly interdisciplinary nature of the field, the publications connect different views upon musical topics and problems with the field’s multiple methodology, theoretical background, and models. It fuses experimental findings, computational models, psychological and neurocognitive research, and ethnic and urban field work into an understanding of music and its features. It also supports a pro-active view on the field, suggesting hard- and software solutions, new musical instruments and instrument controls, content systems, or patents in the field of music. Its aim is to proceed in the over 100 years international and interdisciplinary tradition of Systematic Musicology by presenting current research and new ideas next to review papers and conceptual outlooks. It is open for thematic volumes, monographs, and conference proceedings.

The series therefore covers the core of Systematic Musicology, - Musical Acoustics, which covers the whole range of instrument building and improvement, Musical Signal Processing and Music Information Retrieval, models of acoustical systems, Sound and Studio Production, Room Acoustics, Soundscapes and Sound Design, Music Production software, and all aspects of music tone production. It also covers applications like the design of synthesizers, tone, rhythm, or timbre models based on sound, gaming, or streaming and distribution of music via global networks.

  • Music Psychology, both in its psychoacoustic and neurocognitive as well as in its performance and action sense, which also includes musical gesture research, models and findings in music therapy, forensic music psychology as used in legal cases, neurocognitive modeling and experimental investigations of the auditory pathway, or synaesthetic and multimodal perception. It also covers ideas and basic concepts of perception and music psychology and global models of music and action.
  • Music Ethnology in terms of Comparative Musicology, as the search for universals in music by comparing the music of ethnic groups and social structures, including endemic music all over the world, popular music as distributed via global media, art music of ethnic groups, or ethnographic findings in modern urban spaces. Furthermore, the series covers all neighbouring topics of Systematic Musicology.

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