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NIMS Monographs

NIMS Monographs

Series Ed.: OHASHI, Naoki

ISSN: 2197-8891

NIMS publishes specialized books in English covering from principle, theory and all recent application examples as NIMS Monographs series. NIMS places a unity of one study theme as a specialized book which was specialized in each particular field, and we try for publishing them as a series with the characteristic (production, application) of NIMS. Authors of the series are limited to NIMS researchers.
Our world is made up of various "substances" and in these "materials" the basis of our everyday lives can be found. Materials fall into two major categories such as organic/polymeric materials and inorganic materials, the latter in turn being divided into metals and ceramics.
From the Stone Ages - by way of the Industrial Revolution - up to today, the advance in materials has contributed to the development of humankind and now it is being focused upon as offering a solution for global problems. NIMS specializes in carrying out research concerning these materials.

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