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Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering

Series Ed.: Proske, Dirk

ISSN: 2195-433X

The Springer Book Series Risk Engineering can be considered as a starting point, looking from different views at Risks in Science, Engineering and Society. The book series publishes intense and detailed discussions of the various types of risks, causalities and risk assessment procedures.
Although the book series is rooted in engineering, it goes beyond the thematic limitation, since decisions related to risks are never based on technical information alone. Therefore issues of "perceived safety and security" or "risk judgment" are compulsory when discussing technical risks, natural hazards, (environmental) health and social risks. One may argue that social risks are not related to technical risks, however it is well known that social risks are the highest risks for humans and are therefore immanent in all risk trade-offs. The book series tries to cover the discussion of all aspects of risks, hereby crossing the borders of scientific areas.

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