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Transdisciplinary Studies

Transdisciplinary Studies

Series Editors: Hunsinger, Jeremy, Nolan, Jason

Transdisciplinary Studies is an internationally oriented book series created to generate new theories and practices to extricate transdisciplinary learning and research from the confining discourses of traditional disciplinarities. Within transdisciplinary domains, this series publishes empirically grounded, theoretically sound work that seeks to identify and solve global problems that conventional disciplinary perspectives cannot capture. Transdisciplinary Studies seeks to accentuate those aspects of scholarly research which cut across today's learned disciplines in an effort to define the new axiologies and forms of praxis that are transforming contemporary learning. This series intends to promote a new appreciation for transdisciplinary research to audiences that are seeking ways of understanding complex, global problems that many now realize disciplinary perspectives cannot fully address. Teachers, scholars, policy makers, educators and researchers working to address issues in technology studies, education, public finance, discourse studies, professional ethics, political analysis, learning, ecological systems, modern medicine, and other fields clearly are ready to begin investing in transdisciplinary models of research. It is for those many different audiences in these diverse fields that we hope to reach, not merely with topical research, but also through considering new epistemic and ontological foundations for of transdisciplinary research. We hope this series will exemplify the global transformations of education and learning across the disciplines for years to come.

Series editor
Jeremy Hunsinger, University of Illinois, Chicago
Jason Nolan, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Editorial board
Megan Boler, University of Toronto, Canada
Geofrey C. Bowker, Santa Clara University, USA
Timothy W. Luke, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Wendy Martin, Claremont Graduate School, USA
Helga Nowotny, Wissenschaftszentrum Wien (Science Center Vienna), Austria
Joel Weiss, University of Toronto