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Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality

Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality

Series Ed.: Hakli, Raul
Schmid, Hans Bernhard, Hudin, Jennifer (Eds.)

ISSN: 2542-9094

First book series in Philosophy of the Social Sciences that specifically focuses on Philosophy of Sociality and Social Ontology.

Covers a new and rapidly developing field that has become one of the key topics of the international philosophical world.

Aims at an interdisciplinary approach that will bring new perspectives to the study of such topics as communication, unintended consequences of action as well as social structures and institutions.

This book series publishes research devoted to the basic structures of the social world. The phenomena it focuses on range from small scale everyday interactions to encompassing social institutions, from unintended consequences to institutional design. The unifying element is its focus on the basic constitution of these phenomena, and its aim to provide philosophical understanding on the foundations of sociality. Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality covers the part of philosophy of the social sciences which deals with questions of social ontology, collective intentionality (e.g. collective knowledge, joint and collective action, joint mental states) and related philosophical topics. The series will include monographs and edited collections on philosophical and conceptual questions concerning social existence as well as conceptual and theoretical analyses of social notions and collective epistemology.

In principle, all phenomena dealing with sociality are covered as long as they are approached from a philosophical point of view, broadly understood. Accordingly, the works to be published in the series would in general be philosophical—without regard to philosophical schools and viewpoints—and they would meet the highest academic and intellectual standards are met. However, the series is interdisciplinary not only in an intra-philosophical sense but also in the sense of encouraging high-level work from other disciplines to be submitted to the series. Others who are active in the field are political scientists, economists, sociologists, psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, and researchers of artificial intelligence.

The resulting interdisciplinary approach will give new perspectives to the study of topics such as social interaction, communication, unintended consequences of action, social structures and institutions, the evolution of collective intentionality phenomena, as well as the general ontological architecture of the social world.

The series discourages the submission of manuscripts that contain reprints of previous published material and/or manuscripts that are below 150 pages / 75,000 words.

For inquiries and submission of proposals authors can contact christi.lue @ springer.com, or contact one of the associate editors.

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