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Nick Zhu

Dr. Nick Zhu

Senior Editor Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Digital Privacy, Big Data, Robot Localization, Navigation, Robot Perception & Manipulation, Robot learning, ROS
Springer Beijing

RM 409-411, Beijing Ideal Plaza
No. 58 Northwest
4th Ring Road
Beijing 100080, China

+86 10 8341 5149
About Me

My aim is to look for first-rate or young scholars with great potential to share their value contents across the academic community. With almost 10 years’ experience on CS academic research, University teaching and online education, I could help the authors to deliver high quality publications efficiently in various formats, including monographs, textbooks, professional books, MRW, and video courses. My responsible territories are Data Science, Data Analytics and Robotics, welcome to discuss your publishing plan with me via emails or in person when attending the same conferences.