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Publish your Conference Proceedings with Springer

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Springer is a leader in publishing proceedings, with over 2000 titles available per year. You can benefit from our experience and services to turn your conference publication into worldwide accessible science.


Available in print, online and on electronic devices • Limited-time free eBook access to conference participants • Free manuscript submission system for peer reviewing and paper organization • Short time publication options • Open Access options • Publishing options for societies • Worldwide promotion and visibility • Abstracting and Indexing services • Analytics and Performance Tracking

How to contact us?

If you would like to find out easily and without any obligation to publish if your conference proceedings would fit into our program, feel free to contact us via this form. There, you can describe your idea and give us the information we need to review your concept and take the next steps. 

For conferences in all disciplines

The information on this page pertains to proceedings in all disciplines. 

Do you work in the field of Computer Sciences? Then we recommend you to visit our Computer Sciences Proceedings page, where you will find more details and contact information. 

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