Aims and scope

Chromosoma publishes research and review articles on the functional organization of the eukaryotic cell nucleus, with a particular emphasis on

- the structure and dynamics of chromatin and chromosomes
- the expression and replication of genomes
- genome organization and evolution
- the segregation of genomes during meiosis and mitosis
- the function and dynamics of subnuclear compartments
- the nuclear envelope and nucleocytoplasmic interactions

The scope of Chromosoma encompasses genetic, biophysical, molecular and cell biological studies. Chromosoma also welcomes the submission of manuscripts describing new methods, provided that they constitute a significant technical advance. Descriptions and comparative analyses of karyotypes and genomes will only be considered if they have exceptionally far-reaching implications for our understanding of genome structure, function or evolution (rather than mere phylogeny).

Good reasons for publishing in Chromosoma

- Online publication usually within three weeks after acceptance
- High-quality reproduction and printing
- No page charges
- No page limitations
- Free eOffprint of every article
- Obligatory expert peer review
- Color figures are free of charge
- Cover illustrations selected from articles published in Chromosoma