The focus of this journal is on the design of intelligent industrial systems through the synergism of several research areas, such as control, estimation and sensor fusion, fault diagnosis, optimization and machine intelligence. This journal publishes systematic methods for the intelligent modeling and control of complex industrial systems, such as:

Industrial robots
Mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles
Mechatronics and electromechanical systems
Intelligent transportation systems
Networked-control for industrial systems
Intelligent electric power transmission and distribution (smart grids, microgrids and active networks)
Intelligent energy systems and smart devices for energy management
Electric motors, actuators and combustion engines
Electric power generation systems
Power electronics and power conversion systems
Distributed parameter systems for industrial applications
Communication systems for industrial applications
Industrial technology for micro and nano systems
Industrial technology for biosystems
Computational intelligence in complex systems
Manufacturing and production management
Operations management
Production planning & control
Supply chain management

It also publishes results on control, filtering and optimization methods that will be generic and applicable to wide classes of industrial systems. This journal provides analysis for several critical engineering systems, and is a useful reference not only for the control and robotics or the electric power systems community, but also for researchers and engineers in the fields of signal processing, computational intelligence and mechatronics.

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