Aims and scope

Aims and Scope

Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology is a repository of significant, full-length articles pertaining to the source, transport, fate and / or effects of contaminants in the environment. The journal provides a place for the publication of timely, detailed, and definitive scientific studies that provide insight into contaminants in the environment, with multidisciplinary contributions from the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, ecology, molecular and cellular biology and toxicology. The journal attaches importance to manuscripts that advance our understanding of pollutants of concern in environmental matrices (air, water, sediments and biota), the fate and behavior of contaminants in the environment, and the effects of pollutants on the health of humans and wildlife. All manuscripts should advance our understanding of ecosystem processes or have strong contextual linkages to the environment.

The journal does not typically consider submissions dealing with technical aspects of occupational exposure and effects in humans, agricultural toxicology, wastewater effluent characterization, remediation of contaminated sites, or controlled laboratory dosing experiments using single chemical exposures. However, submissions addressing one of these topic areas may be considered where there exists a strong link to the receiving environment, the development of new techniques, and/or the identification of emerging contaminants of concern.

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field. Reviewers will be asked to consider study design, quality assurance, statistics applied, novelty, relevance, and impact to the wider scientific community. Authors writing in a second language are encouraged to have their manuscript corrected by a native English speaker or by a professional editing firm such as Edanz Group. Abstracts, short communications and notes will not be accepted. Where appropriate, such submissions may be referred to our companion journal, the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (BECT). While review manuscripts are typically the purview of Reviews of Environmental Contaminant and Toxicology (RECT), AECT will now consider mini-reviews (i.e. where length including references is less than 5,000 words), which may be suitable for case studies, a focused topic or an applied subject of debate or interest. Authors may directly contact the Editor-in-Chief if they wish to clarify which journal is most suited for their submission.