Journal updates

  • The 2nd Drug Delivery Conference (July 20-23, 2020)

    The conference focuses on the design, synthesis and clinical validation of new drug delivery vehicles, and is designed to bridge the gap between basic science and unmet clinical needs with a particular focus on gene editing therapeutics, RNA therapeutics, sustained release technologies and immuno-engineering.

  • Featured Article: October 2019

    October pic small 13346

    Optical poration poses an attractive therapeutic delivery modality for treating nail diseases, but the approach often accompanies collateral thermal damage to the surrounding nail tissue. In this paper, Raman/fluorescence microspectroscopy has been employed to better understand the mechanism of laser-mediated poration and thermal damage, which is instrumental to the optimization of nail poration and beyond.

  • Featured Article: August 2019

    This article in the August 2019 Issue of Drug Delivery and Translational Research (DDTR) introduces a novel use of pore-forming microneedles, in combination with thermoresponsive hydrogels, for sustained transdermal drug delivery.