Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Policies on Comments and Replies

Although the journal considers Comments on works published within the journal, these must not be accusatory, written in an offensive tone, nor be trivial. In the first instance we recommend that the commentating author(s) contact(s) the original authors with her/his comment. If there is no reply, a reminder should be sent. If, after two months there is still no reply, the commenting author can then submit the Comment to the journal

All Comments are initially reviewed by the Editors and Editorial Board members following which a Reply may be sought. If the Reply is a Correction, and if it is accepted by the Editors, then only the Correction will be published. Trivial comments and those written in an accusatory tone will be rejected outright. Repetitive Comments on similar themes will be automatically rejected.

Generally, we do not consider Comments requesting an explanation of reported experimental results. Comments seeking only an explanation of a reported experimental result should be sent to the authors of the original article.  

If the Comment is reporting an error in the paper, our first goal is to have the original authors write a Correction. If the authors do not provide a Correction, the Editor may consider publishing the Comment, after it has been reviewed and edited, or may issue an Editorial Expression of Concern or an Editorial Note.

Note that we cannot consider more than two Comments at a time from the same author(s) or coauthor(s).