Aims and scope

The European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research is a peer-reviewed criminology journal, with an international and interdisciplinary focus. It welcomes submissions from Europe and well beyond, from different disciplines and traditions, where crime issues are connected to their socio-, psychological and economic contexts.

The focus of its peer-reviewed coverage is on understanding crime trends in different geographical and socio-economic contexts, on presenting innovative crime prevention policies and practices, presenting innovative methodologies, and on following legislative and institutional change. The journal aims to strengthen the link between research and policies in the area of crime and justice, and welcomes submissions with a policy-related component.

Discussion includes the trade-off between security and rights and ways to optimize the effectiveness of criminal justice systems with respect to human and civil rights.

Recognizing that criminal justice systems are not the only method for dealing with crime, the journal also devotes attention to alternative policies and practices.

Its four annual issues include one thematic issue and three that are open to various contributions.