Discounts for booksellers

Booksellers enjoy special pricing on Springer books and eBooks.

Is there a SpringerToken for booksellers?

No, booksellers do not need tokens because they have terms and conditions already as business partners.

What are bookseller’s privileges?  

Booksellers who register their customer number on can use the bookseller search, export more formats (csv, excel, cover images) and upload their logos and addresses onto PDF flyers and customized catalogs.

Booksellers who upgrade to validated status can order online in the web shop and see product availability and real-time prices, including their standard customer discount. Online ordering is faster than any other means because it goes directly into Springer's fulfillment system. Order history and status can be checked on the MySpringer page.

How can I register as a bookseller?

Online registration is fast and easy. If you already have a log-in, just click on the link below, log in and register yourself by entering your Springer customer number. If you do not have a log-in yet, create a new user account and go back to this registration form once you have a log-in