Congratulations Hale & Harvey Prize Winners 2019

American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division (AAS/SPD) announces prizewinners

The 2019 George Ellery Hale Prize for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy is awarded to Philip H. Scherrer (Stanford University) for his pioneering work in helioseismology and space weather, his development of innovative instrumentation to study magnetic fields and flows on the solar surface and interior, his leadership in bringing these instruments to fruition, and his dedication to serving a broad community with excellent data.

The 2019 Karen Harvey Prize for a significant contribution to the study of the Sun early in a person’s professional career is awarded to Anthony Yeates (Durham University), for his outstanding contributions to the development of magnetic field evolution models, which have advanced our understanding of how the Sun’s magnetic fields originate, evolve, and govern the dynamics of the solar corona.

The prizewinners will give scheduled Prize Lectures, and receive their physical prize certificates, at the upcoming joint AAS/SPD meeting in St. Louis, Missouri (June 9 – 13). Please join us in congratulating Phil and Anthony on this well-deserved recognition.

I would like to thank Chair Haimin Wang, and the rest of the SPD Prize committee, Sarah Gibson, Kathy Reeves, Frank Hill, and Terry Kucera, for their diligent work in selecting from a pool of many very worthy nominees. 

Holly Gilbert

[SolarNews 2019:1]

Springer Nature's journal Solar Physics has traditionally granted personal free access for five years to the winner of the Karen Harvey Prize of the American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division (AAS/SPD).