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Aspect-Oriented Software Development (closed)

© SpringerThis journal aims to publish papers on all facets of aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) techniques in the context of all phases of the software life cycle, from requirements and design to implementation, maintenance and evolution. The focus of the journal is on approaches for systematic identification, modularization, representation and composition of crosscutting concerns, and evaluation of such approaches and their impact on improving quality attributes of software systems.


Interested authors are encouraged to submit papers on the following topics, though papers on other AOSD topics are also welcome:

  • Early aspects: aspect-oriented requirements engineering and architecture design
  • Aspect-oriented modeling and design
  • Design patterns for aspect-oriented systems
  • Aspect-oriented programming languages, platforms and frameworks
  • Type systems for aspects
  • Composition models and operators for aspects
  • Optimization and performance improvement of aspect-oriented composition
  • Analysis techniques for aspect-oriented systems
  • Visualization of aspect-oriented systems
  • Detection and resolution of aspect interactions
  • Refactoring
  • Domain-specific approaches
  • Formal models
  • Empirical assessment and evaluation in large-scale applications
  • Applications of aspects to improve quality attributes such as adaptability, evolvability, reusability and cost-effectiveness
  • Application of AOSD in specific areas such as embedded systems, banking systems, ambient computing, etc.
  • Aspects in model-driven architectures
  • Aspects in feature-oriented approaches and product lines
  • Aspects in reengineering
  • Distributed systems
  • Dynamic aspect-oriented systems
  • Implementation of aspect systems
  • Aspect reuse
Editorial Board


  • Shigeru Chiba
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Mario Südholt
    École des Mines de Nantes and Inria, France

Editorial Board 

  • Mehmet Akşit, The Netherlands
  • Siobhán Clarke, Ireland
  • Theo D‘Hondt, Belgium
  • Robert Filman, USA
  • Wouter Joosen, Belgium
  • Shmuel Katz, Israel
  • Gregor Kiczales, Canada
  • Gary Leavens, USA
  • Karl Lieberherr, USA
  • Mira Mezini, Germany
  • Oege de Moor, UK
  • Ana Moreira, Portugal
  • Harold Ossher, USA
  • Klaus Ostermann, Germany
  • Awais Rashid, UK
  • Douglas Schmidt, USA