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Online Advertising

The wealth of available specialist information is filtered to provide decision-making orientation. Our online products offer an essential source of information in preparation for making investment decisions.

Springer Nature Partnerships

Delivered to a global audience of influential researchers, industry leaders, policy makers, and consumers, our partnerships and custom solutions are scalable in budget and can incorporate Springer Nature platforms including print, digital, social media, and live events.

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Springer Professional

With "Springer Professional", we have created a unique digital resource that organizes and coordinates the expertise of B2B-decision-makers in a revolutionary new way.

Individual professional media websites have now been transferred to the knowledge portal. The advantages for those active in the B2B-field:

  • Individual target groups can now be more precisely sorted out according to their field and preferences; at the same time, blanket campaigns to reach all decision-makers can also be launched.
  • Thanks to the outstanding quality of the content from leading global imprints, there is a positive image transfer.
  • The enhanced value of the content on "Springer Professional" and the innovative functions for organizing expertise result in intensified advertising contacts, ensuring a lasting impression in the process.
  • The broad range of available professional information is prepared by specialized editorial staff, refining it into a decision-oriented final product. As such, the online content becomes an essential source of information in the context of preparing for investment decisions in the B2B-field.

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The Springer Shop Affiliate Program

Promote our Springer Shop or individual titles and earn your commission!

As a leading scientific publisher Springer Science + Business Media offers its customers a vast selection of over 200,000 print and eBooks across various scientific fields in the Springer Shop.
The customer base includes research professionals, academic researchers, professors and lecturers, students, authors as well as all individuals interested in science and technology.
Print books are shipped free of charge worldwide and eBooks can be used on computers and all portable devices without any limitations.

Promote our Springer Shop or individual Springer titles and earn a commission with every sale!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Commission: Non-coupon partners: 10% for each sale and 15% from a monthly turnover of more than $1.000. Coupon partners: 8% for each sale and 12% from a monthly turnover of over $1.000.

  • Vast selection of advertising media: Product data, Text- & Deeplinks, Logo & Banner-sets in common sizes
  • Attractive discounts for users in our shop
  • Cookie duration of 30 days
  • Support from our Springer Shop Affiliate Team

This is how it works:

  • Register for free in the network of Commission Junction.
  • Apply as publisher to our Springer Shop program. You will find our profile with ID 3846539 in the network of CJ. 
  • Choose your favorite format from the advertising media provided (product data, banners, textlinks, deeplink-generator).
  • Include the URL on your website.
  • Generate sales in the Springer Shop via this link and receive up to 15% of the total net sales amount.


For inquiries about our affiliate programs please contact us at any time:

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