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Latest Research News

  • Better calculations for the magnetic properties of neodymium compounds

    New York | Heidelberg, 6 December 2023
    Valuable magnetic properties of neodymium compounds have so far remained difficult to probe using high-energy neutron spectroscopy. A new correction to the technique could make these measurements far more feasible.

  • The Quark Model: A Personal Perspective

    New York | Heidelberg, 15 November 2023
    The properties of hadrons - both protons and neutrons, and heavier short-lived particles - are explained by the quark model. This was introduced by André Petermann (whose 1963 paper, in French, went unnoticed for 50 years); Murray Gell-Mann (whose insistence that they are purely mathematical entities discouraged take-up of the idea); and George Zweig.

  • Magnetic Shielding for Particle Detectors

    New York | Heidelberg, 6 November 2023
    Carefully positioned wire coils can improve photodetector efficiency by counteracting Earth’s magnetic field.