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Latest Research News

  • Unlocking the full potential of Auger electron spectroscopy

    New York | Heidelberg, 13 February 2024
    A new computational approach makes more realistic assumptions about the redistribution of energy during the Auger process, improving the accuracy of Auger electron spectroscopy.

  • Investigating the role of random walks in particle diffusion

    New York | Heidelberg, 18 January 2024
    Theoretical analysis reveals new insights into unusual patterns displayed by diffusing particles in recent experiments.

  • Celebrating 50 years of QCD with a comprehensive review

    New York | Heidelberg, 15 December 2023
    A series of key experiments performed about 50 years ago revealed the eminent role of gauge theories. Two theories were formulated: the electroweak theory and the strong interaction theory QCD. An extensive worldwide research programme has since been set up and has step by step corroborated their predictions, while alternative theoretical attempts have been ruled out. Today these theories are well established and represent the cornerstones of the Standard Model.