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Latest Research News

  • 2023 Julius Springer Prize

    New York | Heidelberg, 9 March 2023
    Applied Physics A and Applied Physics B congratulate the winner of the 2023 Julius Springer Prize!

  • Better simulations of neutron scattering

    New York | Heidelberg, 7 March 2023
    A new simulation approach named eTLE aims to improve the precision of a primary tool for estimating neutron behaviours in 3D space. This study examines the approach in detail – validating its reliability in predicting the scattering of neutrons in crystalline media.

  • Tracking how magnetism affects animal behaviour

    New York | Heidelberg, 23 February 2023
    We still know little about how animal behaviour changes in response to magnetic fields. A new review provides a tutorial introduction to the study of this fascinating and potentially useful phenomenon.