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Selecting the right publisher is one of the most important decisions an author will make. At Springer, we recognize that our authors are the heart of what we do and we are committed to provide the resources, support and advice you need to help you succeed.

Books Editorial Contacts

Journals Editorial Contacts Water

  • Alexandrine Cheronet

    Alexandrine Cheronet

    Editorial Director Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Springer Dordrecht +31 78 657 6161
  • Contact Pages for SN Applied Scienc

    Dr. Clifford Chuwah

    Managing Editor Physical Geography, Geology, Climate, Oceanography and Natural Hazards, Geophysics, Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry and Environmental Engineering.
    Springer Dordrecht +31786576229
  • Fritz Schmuhl

    Fritz Schmuhl

    Executive Publisher Environmental economics, management and policy; environmental law and politics; environmental assessment; environmental and occupational health; air and water quality; hydrogelogy and water resources; circular economy; remanufacturing; waste and biomass valorization; climate change and disasters; life cycle assessment; and maritime studies.
    Springer Dordrecht +31 78 657-6281