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In this area Springer offers you specialist literature on physical and human geography, landscape, urban planning, cartography, remote sensing and much more. Our publications are addressed to geography students and teachers as well as to scientists and experts. They include the Journal of Geographical Sciences, several encyclopedias, the Springer Handbook of Geographic Information and more.


Springer’s publications in Geography include a comprehensive range of journals, monographs, edited volumes, book series, textbooks and reference works, and covers both physical geography and human geography. Browse our products, join the open access movement, learn more about our unique multi-format publishing model, and benefit from our services. Watch the video featuring voices of our authors and top-read journals and books from our Geography portfolio. 

  • Spationomy

    Pászto, V. (et al.) (Eds.) (2020)

    Format: eBook, Hardcover

    from 52,74 €
  • Arctic Sea Ice Ecology

    Lund-Hansen, L.C. (et al.) (2020)

    Format: eBook, Hardcover

    from 67,40 €
  • Adventure Tourism

    Huddart, D. (et al.) (2020)

    Format: eBook, Softcover

    from 46,00 €
  • Outdoor Recreation

    Huddart, D. (et al.) (2019)

    Format: eBook, Softcover

    from 42,79 €

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