Information for Volume Editors of Springer Proceedings

If you would like to send a proposal for the publication of conference proceedings,
please complete the proposal form and send it to the appropriate Publishing Editor. If your conference proceedings have been accepted for publication, please follow the volume editor guidelines carefully, to ensure smooth and timely publication of your proceedings.

Tasks of the Volume Editor

Instructing Authors about Guidelines, Templates and Style Files

Please make the author guidelines and the templates/style files available to the authors by including a link to the authors page (link) on the conference website.

Front Matter

It is the task of the volume editor to write a preface and prepare the organization pages. Please see the Editor Guidelines for details.

Sending the Files to Springer

There is a checklist of all of the files we need at the end of the Guidelines for Volume Editors.
Details on how to name the files are given in the section „Organizing the Volume“ of the Guidelines.