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Lecture Notes in Computer Science Celebrates 10,000th Publication!

Celebrate with us! Share this video presenting a trip through LNCS’ exciting history and congratulate all those that have worked to make this milestone possible.

Discover the 10,000th publication.

LNCS Springer in 60

Take a minute (literally) to learn from this Springer in :60 video what the Lecture Notes in Computer Science can do for you.

Publizieren Sie mit Springer in IT & Informatik

Learn more about the benefits of publishing your book or journal article in Springer's Computer Science portfolio.

Book author & editor Alejandro Buchmann on LNCS

How the label LNCS helps lending credibility to conference proceedings. Alejandro Buchmann about his experience being an LNCS Editor and Book Author.

ORCID - Be one of a kind

Be one of a kind. Connect your research to your ORCID when you submit to Springer.