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Embedded videos in proceedings papers

Springer offers authors the option of including embedded videos in their proceedings papers, free of charge.

Technical Requirements
Resolution 16:9 or 4:3
Maximum file size 25 GB
Minimum duration 1 second
Formats supported avi, wmv, mp4, mov, m2p, mp2, mpg, mpeg, flv, mxf, mts, m4v, and 3gp

Authors must not violate privacy and confidentiality rules and, as always, permission must be sought for use of third-party content. 

All types of Electronic Supplementary Material, including videos, should be sent with the authors’ files. If videos are to be embedded, unequivocal instructions as to their positioning must be included.


Example of  proceedings with embedded videos: ECCV 2016

Please note that only customers with SpringerLink access can view the fulltext

ECCV 2016, October 8-16, 2016, Amsterdam  proceedings  contain embedded videos.

1. Videos embedded within the chapter text

General Automatic Human Shape and Motion Capture Using Volumetric Contour Cues

Towards Perspective-Free Object Counting with Deep Learning

> Scroll down to the video in Sect. 4.2  of the chapter and click on the symbol for PLAY


2. Videos embedded at the end of the chapter

This option was chosen when the authors did not specify where to include video. A section has been added (Electronic Supplementary Material) with videos embedded.

SurfCut: Free-Boundary Surface Extraction

CATS: Co-saliency Activated Tracklet Selection for Video Co-localization   

You can alternatively click on the page's right hand link "Supplementary material" to go the videos.