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Frequently Asked Questions to "Neuroanatomy 3D-Stereoscopic Atlas of the Human Brain"

 Is a network version of "Human Brain" available? 

No. Due to the low price there will be neither site licences nor a network version (multi-user function).

 Where can I download the actual QuickTime version? 

At the following URL:

 Is there another way to rotate objects than via mouse-movement? 

Yes. The rotation of objects is also possible with the cursor keys. That´s even easier and more exactly than rotation initiated by mouse-action. I wanted to install the program on windows 95 and got the error message: "Can not copy file: Setupkit DLL>C:\Windows\system\setupkit.dll". Download the missing file from and copy it into c:windowssystem. Then start to install the program again.If I start the program, the error mesage "Director player error. List expected for handler#count" comes up. This message indicates that you want to run the program on an asian double-byte windows operating system (Kanji). The authoring system used normally does not run on these systems, but there is a little bit tricky solution: Windows 1. Double-click the *.exe" file in the CD-ROM icon (usually drive D). 2. Wait for the cover picture to appear on the screen. 3. Wait for two or three seconds, then keep pressing any key while holding down the Alt key until another pictureappears. 4. If the new graphic shows a part of the brain, the CD-ROM is working well. Macintosh 1. Double-click the "Stereo Atlas" file in the CD-ROM icon on the desktop. 2. Wait for the cover picture to appear on the screen. 3. Wait for half a second, then keep pressing the option key until another picture appears. 4. If the new graphic shows a part of the brain, the CD-ROM is working well.

 I open the program and the "Hands on Brain" feature works fine for about a minute, then it stops and an error message appears. 

This is a 'Quick Time' for Windows problem. You have to make sure that 'QuickTime' version 3 is installed from the CD-ROM (following the instructions in the inlay card) and that all other versions of 'QuickTime' are uninstalled. I also suggest that you should uninstall the 'Human Brain' and re-install it before reloading QuickTime 3.

 When I start the "Hands on Brain" presentation, I hear only a pitch and nothing more happens. No error message was shown. 

Change the display setting from 24 to 16 bit. There is a slight incompatibility between 16-bit Quicktime and certain Windows 98 configurations. At the URL there is a patch to make the Hands on Brain section run under windows98. Double click on the downloaded updater.exe program file. This will copy two files to the computers hard disk (brain.exe and

 I got the error message "Incompatible Database Version" 

If you get this error message you will have to rename the file "vbdb300.dll" in the windowssystem folder to "vbdb300.old". Then copy the "vbdb300.dll" from the newly installed Human Brain directory to your windowssystem folder. The vbdb300.dll is one of the standard Visual Basic modules that might be included inother Visual Basic applications. If you should have problems with other programs which make use of the oldvbdb300.dll please go through the same procedure in reverse renaming the "vbdb300.old" to "vbdb300.dll".

I couldn´t find the information I was searching for in  the abo ve FAQ-list. 

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