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Frequently Asked Questions to "interBRAIN"

Does the software work on Win 98, Win 2000 and Win XP?

Older editions of "interBRAIN" will work on Win 98 but not on higher versions of Windows operating systems. The actual edition will do.

Is a network version of the software available?

No, not at the moment.

How can I change the language version of interBRAIN?

The program starts with English language preselected. You can change this selection by clicking into the interfacebackground and selecting another language in the popup menu under "Preferences, General".

After installation of the software I got the error message "handler not defined". What does this mean?

The interBRAIN program needs QuickTime for Windows QuickTime for Windows 3.0 will not be recognized by the program. If there are problems with the videos or with the 3D models, please check whether the correct QuickTime version has been installed. Has the file "QTVRW32.QTC" been installed in the folder "C:WINDOWSSYSTEM" (Windows 95) or in the folder "C:WINNTSYSTEM" (Windows NT)? If not, pleasedouble-click on the file "QTEASY32.EXE" in the "QTINSTALL" folder of the CD-ROM. The setup program will install the correct QuickTime version. Older versions should be deleted, QuickTime 3.0 can be used in parallel with version 2.0.Similar error messages have been arisen after installation of the program on Asian double-byte operating systems. The software does not run on these systems.

On running the program I get an error telling me that this is an illegal copy or I am not running this program from my primary CD-drive. What should I do?

The implemented anti-copy module tries to check the electronic fingerprint of the CD. Normally this will last less than two seconds. If the time exceeds five seconds, the program assumes you have an illegal copy. Please try to optimize the configuration of your Windows system, e.g. virtual cache, and close all other programs. If this doesn´t work, the only way might be to enhance your system power, e.g. with a better processor or a faster CD-ROM drive.Only the upper left part of the screen and of the images is shown! Your monitor resolution is probably set to values less than 800x600 Pixels (system requirements). Please change the settings in the control panels.

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