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Monika Lee

Ella Kim

Editor Mathematics, Physical & Applied Sciences Journals
Springer Nature Korea Limited

Room #204 | FEBC Building
56 | Waoosan-ro | Mapo-gu

(+82) 02-3143-3548
About Me

I'm responsible for launching Open Access and hybrid journals within Korea and also maintaining dozen Korean academic journals specifically in the field of Earth Sciences, Biological/Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biological Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering.


Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 

Fibers and Polymers 

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 

Macromolecular Research 

Biomedical Engineering Letters 

Geosciences Journal 

Ocean Science Journal 

Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 

Spatial Information Research 

Journal of Biosystems Engineering 

Biomaterials Research 

Applied Biological Chemistry